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Italian Restaurants


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The Ragazzi’s idea is simple – Italian comfort. We serve generous portions of home-made Italian food with a signature house salad and fresh-baked garlic breadsticks at a very reasonable price. Lasagnas, soups and sauces, for example, are made from scratch in the restaurants using authentic recipes passed down through several generations. It’s all about making guests feel welcome…

Ragazzi’s – “Unchained”

While Ragazzi’s restaurants grew throughout the early 1990s as a “chain”, they stood in contrast to other “chains” focusing on fresh food made in the restaurants, not frozen or boil-in-bag meals. It made sense in the late ‘90s to “unchain” Ragazzi’s. Owner / operators took over the restaurants and have continued Ragazzi’s commitment to Italian comfort while stamping each restaurant with their own unique qualities. Menus, prices, specials and so on may all vary from location to location, but we’re all still believers in the Ragazzi’s vision and hope that you will be too– Please enjoy!